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How I book you hotel
Ali, Gujrat on River View Hotel 4/18/2018
balawal, lahore on River View Hotel 7/5/2017
The place where I found the tourist hotel chitral is such a pleasant which atmosphere is also good to capture in the photos that’s why I just choose the front room in this hotel which rent is little bit expensive.
abbas, islamabad on Tourist Hotel Chitral 8/9/2015
Due to the services of Tourist Hotel Chitral in the kalasha valleys, chitral road is just like a paradise which view is such a beautiful.
sadiq, khi on Tourist Hotel Chitral 7/6/2015
I really love to see this place, i listen alot about it. Hope to visit next year .
Iqbal Shah, Islamabad on Tourist Hotel Chitral 7/10/2013