Dolmen Mall, Karachi  

Dolmen Mall is located on Tariq Road, the city's most famous shopping street. They offer over 500 stores with branded products and non-branded stuff s Read More

Reviews on Dolmen Mall, Karachi

Very nice
usmanislam, karachi 5/23/2016
a beautifull mall,pakistan country
Not Rated
noman, dubai city 4/1/2016
It is awesome and big mall. I like this mall.there are beautiful shops and good clothes.
Varun, Karachi 7/9/2015
it is a great shopping mall
bilal, karachi 7/4/2014
very nice
laraib, karachi 4/26/2014
it is the great shopping mall...plzzzz i want 2 continue you newsletter about dolmen shopping mall...
Hafiza Hafsa, Kaeachi 11/1/2013
No one should have to choose between the Scylla of a strip-search and the Charybdis of a groping. These scanners must go.
Not Rated
mens moncler, mens moncler 8/24/2013
It seems like you are generating difficulties yourself by looking to clear up this situation rather of looking at why their is really a dilemma in the first place
Not Rated
moncler puffer coat, moncler puffer coat 8/19/2013
Dolmen Mall is one of the best Mall in Asia.Mall offers modern facilities state of the art modern shops.
Not Rated
ray, karachi 8/12/2012

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