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Hotel Aashiana Not Rated

Hotel Aashiana is located near Upper Channai, Abbottabad Road in Mansehra. Its a first 3 star hotel in Hazara Division with variety of things to do, More »

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Please any visitor tell me the name of any other Hotel name instead of Hotel Ashiana, actually last time I stayed in this hotel but my family couldn’t satisfied about the services in this hotel.
ali, khi on Hotel Aashiana 4/15/2016
I specially like the dining hall of Hotel Aashiana, this session is based on a large area where every continental and italian dishes are available which you want to eat, I also recommend it to my friend.
iqrar, khi on Hotel Aashiana 3/28/2016
In Hotel Aashiana, Mansehra every thing is much better which facilitate me when I went in this city. Actually I went there with my friends and spend such a good time in this city where we all enjoyed more.
hussain, khi on Hotel Aashiana 3/27/2016
There is no other hotel which I recommend to stay, I just like Hotel Aashiana in the Mansehra city where the facilities are awesome as well the rent is very reasonable. I stayed there a complete week.
sajid, khi on Hotel Aashiana 3/24/2016
There is no any hotel like Hotel Aashiana is available in the Mansehra city, I like the complete environment of this hotel that is why I recommend this hotel to my friend, he will go there soon.
abdullah, khi on Hotel Aashiana 3/22/2016