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KC Hotel Not Rated

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Reviews on Hotels in Toba Tek Singh

Need room for luch . Tell me about rent
Arqum, Fasilabad on KC Hotel 5/10/2018
How to i reserve Room There?
Not Rated
Muhammad , Abu Dhabi on KC Hotel 10/28/2017
Hi,it is the first visit upon it anyhow I like the web,which give us the knowledge about country.
Jawaid ahmed , karachi on KC Hotel 11/16/2016
i could not under stand no contact number number no reply any query no reply on web what problem ??????????
Mian Noman, Faisalabad on KC Hotel 11/15/2016
One day stay as cpl with special room 8 AM to 6 PM plz arrange accommodation on Sunday 11 July 2016.
Asim ali, Jhang on KC Hotel 6/12/2016